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2004 Nantucket Christmas Stroll Report — Unlike the 2003 version, the 2004 Nantucket Christmas Stroll was characterized by great weather. Calm waters on Nantucket Sound and seasonal temperatures provided for a nice trip on the Hy-Line fast ferry Grey Lady. If you have never traveled on this boat it is awesome! No sooner do you sit down and it seems like you are arriving in Nantucket. In what seems to be a tradition, the Flying Cloud from the Steamship Authority (SSA) broke down for the second Nantucket Christmas stroll in a row. Click here to read the SSA press release. The SSA leased the "Athena" from Boston Harbor Cruises to fill in for Flying Cloud.

Friday Afternoon/Evening Photos

Goodbye Hyannis
The Grey Lady definitely leaves a trail.
Brant Point Light
Arriving when the sun is setting always provides a nice view. A few too many clouds hid what would have been a spectacular sunset.
I made it!
Someone is happy to be back on Nantucket.
Old South Wharf
The Artisan shops on Old South Wharf always provide a a nice Christmas picture.
Nantucket Beach Glass
...down on Straight Wharf.
Pacific National Bank
The annual PNB Christmas tree.
Centre Street
Looking down Centre Street towards the Jared Coffin House.
Jared Coffin House
A closeup view of the Jared Coffin House.

Saturday Photos
Saturday's weather was sunny, brisk, and cold. After last years cancellation, the "Find Your Twin And Win" game returned. This game has green tickets numbered 1 - 2500 and red tickets also numbered 1 - 2500. The tickets are given out in front of the Sports Locker on Main street and also in a few stores. The numbers are given out at random and you must find the number you are wearing only in the other color (your twin). Those that found their twin won a Nantucket Christmas Stroll canvas bag and were entered to win one of six other nice prizes. Yes the stickers say 2003. That is because the game was rained out in 2003 and they chose to use last years stickers instead of printing new ones.

"Find Your Twin And Win"
The person who has this green sticker looks for the person with the matching red sticker on the right.
"Find Your Twin And Win"
The person who has this red sticker looks for the person with the matching green sticker on the left.
Main Street
Looking up Main Street early Saturday morning before the crowds arrive.
Nantucket Wildflower Farm
The Nantucket Wildflower Farm Truck selling Christmas items instead of the usual summer flowers.....
Santa arrives...
Once again Santa arrives on the 47 foot motor life vessel "Brant Point".
...and travels up Main Street
The traditional horse and buggy brings Santa up Main Street to the Pacific National Bank for photos and visits with the kids.
A Closed Main Street
This is the best place to find a matching twin.
The Nantucket Bell Ringers
The Bell Ringers performed at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Main Street.
The Town Crier
The Town Crier was out and about taking photos with anyone who wanted one. Click here to see what Curtis thinks of Nantucket summer visitors.
Food Tent
You can tell by the smoke that the food tent was going non-stop all afternoon.
Killen Real Estate
This is the Killen Real Estate office on Easy Street.
Children's Shop
This is a small children's shop also on Easy Street.
Straight Wharf
The shops on Straight Wharf.
Killen Family Christmas Dory
This dory with the lighted Christmas tree, has been an annual fixture in the harborsince 1965.

Sunday was also sunny but a bit milder than Friday and Saturday. No Nor'easter this year. No extra day on Nantucket. No Monday photos......

This is the fast ferry that the Steamship Authority leased from Boston Harbor Cruises to replace the broken down Flying Cloud. Click here to read the SSA press release.
Straight Wharf/Old South Wharf
The picture speaks for itself.

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