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What we know about you:
We don't know a whole lot about you on a personal level but we do know the following things: What type of web browser you are using, how you got to our website, how many times you came to our website, and what the IP address was for the computer you used to access This information is collected automatically and stored. Other than that, we have no way of knowing any vital information about you -- not even your name.

Cookies: at the current time does not use cookies to track user activity on our website. Cookies can be a good thing especially to customize a website. They could enable us to show you certain things that are important (but not necessary to repeat) only once. Cookies can be used to track things that you do and, unfortunately, many sites abuse them. Therefore we have chosen not to use them under any circumstances.

Third-party distribution:
We do not distribute the information listed above that is collected.

Future plans:
No changes are under consideration at the current time.


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