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Nantucket Vacation Home Rentals — For those visitors who prefer to rent a house, here are a few tips. As with everything on Nantucket, remember — make all reservations as early as possible. The prefered choices are reserved when the weather is cold and the snow is falling. Many Nantucket vacationers choose to load up the car or SUV with groceries from home to avoid inflated prices. Unless you simply want to get the food shopping done at home rather than on Nantucket, we have found this to be unneccesary. There are two major grocery stores on Nantucket. First is Grand Union which is located at the bottom of Main Street by straight wharf. This is an older store with difficult parking conditions. The second store, located by the Firehouse is Stop & Shop. You can get there from either Sparks Avenue or Pleasant Street as the store is located between the two roads. The store is relatively new and it is fairly easy to obtain a parking spot. Shoppers are constantly in and out all day. Also, we have found the prices to be only slightly higher than the mainland. Click here for an unscientific price comparison of the two island stores and a mainland Stop & Shop.

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