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2010 Nantucket Christmas Stroll Report — The 2010 Nantucket Christmas Stroll, from a weather perspective, was one of the best in recent memory. We were not surprised to find that the Nantucket Merchants Association is still defunct. They previously ran the "Find Your Twin And Win" game. The Nantucket Chamber of Commerce was supposed have this game running in 2009 and then in 2010 but alas, the ball was dropped for the second year in a row. Disappearing in 2010 were the Bell Ringers on Main Street and the food tent in the Grand Union parking lot. The boy scouts were selling hot dogs and another organization was selling sausage grinders but that was it. Several stores that are normally open were closed. T-shirt shops are dropping like flies and now Ralph Lauren (a high end chain store) has opened on Main Street. The sales on summer clothing were horrible. Perhaps because of the economy, the stores ordered fewer items for the summer and weren't left with much to put on sale. From a visitor's perspective this is all very disappointing. The Nantucket Christmas Stroll has been a unique event that has fallen off the cliff. It's time for a rescue by the new director of The Nantucket Chamber of Commerce; Patricia Martin Smith. While stores reported brisk sales, with the economy in the tank for a good number of years now, it's quite possible they don't remember the good stolls. Comparison photos showing Main Street in 2002 and 2010 are shown lower on this page. The photos were only 10 minutes apart based on time of day.

Friday Evening Photos
Friday afternoon and evening were cloudy and cold with a light wind resulting in an uneventful ride over on the high speed ferry.
The Killen Family Christmas tree

Saturday morning brought bright sun and brisk temperatures. Perfect Stroll weather.
Main Street is ready
And here come the strollers
Town Crier Curtis Barnes heads down Main Street closely followed by Eric Goddard. Eric is in training to replace Curtis as the new town crier at the end of 2010. Let's hope that Eric thinks a little more highly of summer visitors than Curtis does.
Click here to see what Curtis thinks of Nantucket summer visitors.
The Coast Guard decorated Christmas tree
Victorian carolers on Main
Joe Zito with one of his puppets
The Hub
Nantucket Looms
Santa arrives via the Coast Guard boat
And carefully gets off
Heading to the Pacific National Bank
Aboard a horse drawn carriage
This photo was taken on
Saturday, December 4, 2010, at 1:48 PM on Main Street.
Main Street was pretty empty unlike the photo on the right.
Click here for an enlarged photo. You be the judge.
This photo was taken on
Saturday, December 7, 2002, at 2:00 PM on Main Street.
Main Street was FILLED with people unlike the photo on the left.
Click here for an enlarged photo. You be the judge.
Where do you want to go?
Get your picture taken on a pony by the Gazebo on Straight Wharf
The Accidentals and Naturals singing by the Hy-Line dock
The food tent was gone in 2010
Decorations at The Pearl
The Pearl on Federal Street
The Nantucket Gourmet kitchen store on India Street
Nantucket Craftmasters is always nicely decorated
An antique store on India Street
Not sure where this was
The Peter Beaton hat store car that gets parking tickets every day in the summer
The G.S. Hill Gallery raffle on Straight Wharf
The impressive Hy-Line ferry drifts in Saturday evening
Ralph Lauren on Main Street
A Main Street shop
A Main Street shop
Don Freedman's shop on Center Street
A Federal Street shop
A Main Street shop
Saturday night on Main Street
The Pacific National Bank Christmas tree. This is the best looking tree in years!

Sunday the temperatures were cold and it was cloudy. A typical day on the Grey Lady.......

The Brant Point Lighthouse...
...Looking as good as ever
The Killen Family Christmas Tree
The Black Dog sailing vessel
See you at the 2011 Nantucket Christmas Stroll!

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