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2008 Nantucket Christmas Stroll Report — For broadband users click here to see the 2008 Nantucket Christmas Stroll in pictures with music. This is a 7.5 Mb file and requires Windows Media Player v7 and up.

Friday Afternoon/Evening Photos
The 2008 Nantucket Christmas Stroll started out with perfect Friday afternoon weather. Temperatures were in the low 40's with little wind which resulted in a smooth ride over on the 4:30pm trip of the Steamship Authority fast ferry Iyanough. Having traveled the Grey Lady many times we made the decision to ride the Iyanough so we could report on it here. The boat is definitely nice, a big improvement over the Flying Cloud. However, once again the SSA doesn't measure up to the level of service provided by the Hy-Line. Arriving on Nantucket in the dark, they proceeded to drop the luggage carts where there was no light. It was chaotic. People had to open their cell phones just to get some light to find their baggage. It wasn't fun.
Arriving in Nantucket Harbor

Saturday morning brought clear skyies and NO WIND. Temperatures were in the mid-40's and with the wind absent, it was. We were not surprised to find that the Nantucket Merchants Association is now defunct. They used to run the "Find Your Twin And Win" game but dropped the ball the last few years. This year the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce decided to resurrect the game. They were up against some tough odds with limited time. It appears they will be back next year with a renewed effort. If anyone can get this game going again the Nantucket Chamber can! They understand the value of this game to the Nantucket Stroll. Many good sales again this year.
Main Street awaits the crowds
Not everyone was ready to go
The fast ferry "Iyanough"
The fast ferry "Grey Lady"
Both boats operating in "tranquil" conditions
These ladies were dressed appropriately (as always)
A rare group of Kazooers
(rumor has it they have been banned from Nantucket in 2009)
Town Crier Curtis Barnes heads down Main Street to open the stroll
Click here to see what Curtis thinks of Nantucket summer visitors.
Santa arrives on the Coast Guard boat
And heads up Main Street
While greeting admirers
There was a good crowd size crowd for a while
A restaurant serving oysters
A storefront near the Rose and Crown
Straight Wharf
A uniquely decorated Christmas tree
The 2008 Pacific National Bank Christmas Tree
A Main Street storefront
The Eagle backs in Saturday night

Sunday started out rainy, dreary, and mild. A winter storm was moving in from Canada and by noon the temperature started to fall and the wind started to pick up. Some were predicting that the boats would be canceled later in the day but that did not materialize. Once again the luggage situation at the Steamship was poor. They put the luggage carts behind the shelter building and behind the line of people waiting to board the ferry. Makes it impossible to just walk up, put your luggage in the cart, and jump in line. The Steamship Authority has a nice new boat but they definitely need to work on the customer service. Those heading West through Massachusetts found cold temperatures and light snow on the trip home.

The Killen Family Christmas tree
Sunday was wet and dreary
The wreath was a bit sparse on Brant Point Lighthouse in 2008 — Probably a sign of the economy

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