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Getting To Nantucket — While the Island of Nantucket is over 25 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, getting there is relatively easy. Whether bringing a bike for the weekend, or just going over for the day, there are many options available to island vacationers and visitors alike.

For those that like a long relaxing boat ride (about 2 hours 15 minutes) there are the slow ferries. The Steamship Authority Eagle is shown on the right. The Eagle, along with the Motor Vessel Nantucket both carry vehicles as big as tractor trailers. During the peak season these two ferries combine to make twelve trips each day between Hyannis and Nantucket. The Steamship Authority provides year-round service to Nantucket. Reservations made months in advance for your auto are a must!

Grey Lady

For those that don't like the slow ride, high speed ferries have been introduced in recent years that cut the boat ride down to about an hour. These high speed ferries offer first class service, take luggage and bicycles, but not vehicles. Shown on the left is the 'Grey Lady', the third generation high speed catamaran of Hy-Line Cruises. Hy-Line Cruises also has slower ferries and provides year-round service but unlike the Steamship Authority, they do not carry vehicles. Editor's note: If you are not bringing a vehicle, and are willing to pay a little more for your ticket, we highly recommend using the Hy-Line fast ferry as they provide easy-on easy-off, courteous, and dependable service that is in our view several steps above the Steamship Authority.

The Freedom Cruise Line sails a high speed ferry from picturesque Saquatucket Harbor in Harwich Port, where you will avoid the parking and traffic hassles of Hyannis. Parking is convenient and FREE (for daytrippers only) in their private lot. They offer daily passenger service, including bicycles and most pets. Because seating is limited, passengers are assured of receiving the highest level of personal service possible. The experienced crew is prepared to assist you, from the loading and unloading of your luggage, to answering questions about points-of-interest, and serving you refreshments from their snack bar. Click here to visit the Freedom Cruise Line website.

Freedom Ferry
Island Air

If you are interested in just getting to Nantucket as fast as you can, then there are several airlines that can get you there in about 15 minutes (from Hyannis). Shown on the left is a plane from Island Air. Other airlines from around the Northeast also fly to Nantucket including Nantucket Airlines and Fly Cape Air.

For those who have excess baggage or unaccompanied luggage there is a new luggage delivery service available to those traveling to and from Nantucket. Luggage Forward, provides guaranteed door-to-door luggage and sports equipment delivery to more than 200 countries worldwide, and offers a wide range of specialized forwarding options allowing clients the convenience of traveling without their luggage.

Once on island, taxi's are available for transportation around Nantucket. Also available is the The Nantucket Regional Transit Authority (NRTA) which has been renamed to "The Wave" and provides island wide seasonal fixed route bus service. The NRTA Wave was established to alleviate downtown traffic congestion and to create parking opportunities in the downtown core district. The NRTA began providing seasonal fixed route service in 1995 operating four buses on two routes. It soon became apparent that the NRTA would become an island-wide transportation system. Over the past eight years the NRTA has expanded its services that includes island wide transportation operating nine routes with 13 buses.


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