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Tuckernuck Island — Tuckernuck Island is located between Nantucket and the island of Muskeget and has a perimeter distance of about five miles and a land area of about 900 acres (1.4 square miles). Latitude: 41.3 Longitude: -70.25833 Elevation: 50ft. There are 35 or 40 summer homes on the island with no year-round residents. Tuckernuck has has no electricity, running water, or police force. Homes that want to run electric appliances or lights use generators.

Below is a map of Tuckernuck Island. The majority of Tuckernuck Island is privately owned. One area of uncertainty is "Whale Island". Apparently it is not clear who owns this parcel of land. Obviously when land ownership is in question, controversy abounds. Dan Drake, the former Associate Publisher of the now defunct Nantucket Independent Newspaper, also wrote a column related to this topic however it is no longer available on the internet. Massachusetts laws are the strictest in the nation regarding private property and shoreline access. The Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management offers insight into this issue. The low tide mark is the private property line. We do not advocate trespassing on private land, so it is up to you to know where you can go and where you can't, where you are invited and where you aren't. We have compiled the photos below for those who do not have a boat and would like to see what Tuckernuck Island is like.

Tuckernuck Island Photos

Looking from Tuckernuck to Smith's Point on Nantucket. The water can get very rough between the two islands. Here a small boat is heading out to the south shore of Nantucket.
This is a view of the northeastern section of the island.
Looking towards the center of the island on the north shore.
A buoy has washed up on the north shore.
Tuckernuck has many everchanging shoals. At low tide, navigation can dangerous at best.
This is an inlet of salt water on the island.
A bluff on the north side of the island.
This is the absolute western tip of the island looking from the north shore.
This is the absolute western tip of the island looking from the south shore.
From the western tip looking down the south shore.
This is on the northwestern end of the island. The pond/inlet is accessible with a shallow draft boat at high tide.
Somebody spent a lot of time working on this creation.
Not sure if this is a dead seal or whale but whatever it is, it was very large.
The eastern end of the south shore otherwise known as "Whale Island"

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